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Inserted page

So, this week I was clever enough to forget my own sequence of pages. I had meant to include a "meanwhile" page after the cave scene, so as I said on the website, I added the new page 133 to the archives.

It was the reader TLU who had the idea to return to Kefka after the big escape scene and make a connection to Celes' treason with South Figaro's invasion. As is typical of sore losers, he puts a spin on the Figaro confrontation to make him look like the victim and Figaro the aggressors. On top of that, he looks for a scapegoat to blame for sending him on the mission on the first place. In this page, I imagine that Kefka has probably overheard Celes voice some doubts about the morality of the Empire's aggressive campaign, and now intends to reveal her to the Emperor.

This is my explanation for how Celes is found captive in a recently occupied city. I guess she was probably allowed to invade and subdue the city first, but was then arrested and jailed.

Down here is TLU's rough sketch of the page. I borrowed some poses for some of my panels, and rearranged a few things. TLU is the best when it comes to expression and gestures. Anyway, here is.


Page 132 progress

Just thought I'd share what I have of this week's page so far. Can you guess what's happening?


Must run to work now. Will finish this comic late tonight or early morning tomorrow.
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Page 130 preview

Was full of energy this evening. Brought page 130 from rough sketches to finished linework. Even got to color the first panel!

Thought I'd share Locke helping himself to the contents of the backpack. I had to stretch out in front of a mirror with a jar of minced garlic to draw this pose. Its strange, but stretching out like that always seems to make a person taller (longer?). I tried to break that drawing habit, and hope Locke looks as short as he's supposed to (in this comic, Locke is 5'5").


Its probably just my weird self, but there is something about Locke eating pita and hummus that really, really amuses me.

My co-workers will never fail to make a big deal when one of us brings in something unusual to lunch. Last week, it was me with my hummus. Its common for new foods to be treated with suspicion (especially if they have a non-English name), so I think its important to "demystify" the food by explaining just what its made of.
After I did that, a few people were brave enough to try a little bit. Other coworkers just sat and stared.

And I mean, yeah, I can understand how sometimes you need to walk someone through a new food. The first time I had sushi, it was with some friends who were able to explain just what I was ordering. I wouldn't have gone out of my way to try sushi without them. But it's another thing entirely when you treat something new like it's going to do you harm, especially when its vegetarian food. Not that I'm big on food or anything; I am actually quite picky.

Today was day 8 of working 10 days straight. It is getting a little tiring, I must admit. But I'll have the Easter weekend off, and will be out of town for a day or two.
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This week we've been having some of the finest weather. It feels like spring has finally arrived. Of course, knowing our beloved Midwest, there will be a cold snap and we'll have snow in April. That happened three years ago.

About a week ago I drew Sabin and Edgar, using the same face shape to emphasize their twin-ness.


That's all for now.

Sabin and Terra


Thought I'd share a little drawing of Sabin and Terra sharing a moment. This is partially but only kinda a result of Phoenixblaze's Sabin x Terra sentences that she shared on the FF6 Livejournal Community. Am posting the link here. Read them, they are sweet.

Only thing is that I did the picture without referring back to the list of sentences to make sure I got it right. So now I have a picture that doesn't directly reference anything that Phoenixblaze has written. Oh well.

Is this a Sabin x Terra picture? Could go either way.
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Not Ignoring the LJ

Just don't have anything really to post here. But I should say that I'm pleased with this week's page. I've been thinking about how to do Terra's little "wink" for a while. I did not plan the thing with the handkerchief- that's one of those last minute ideas that just happens.

And here is ridiculous confession time- in grade school I really thought Terra x Edgar. Replaying the game, I really don't see any evidence to support it. Terra spends the most of the story emotionally incapable of feeling love or romance; at least, she thinks she is incapable. The only love she gets to experience is maternal love with them orphans. I read on someone's blog somewhere (and this idea is totally not my own) that the main theme if FF6 is love in all its forms- romantic love, familial love, friendship, love/acceptance of self, love of country.

So, I see Terra's relationship with the other heroes as sort of a little sister/big brother thing. At least, that's my take on it now. But I DID enjoy drawing these little Edgar/Terra moments.
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Not really comic related, but.

I just realized that I don't have Christmas presents for my family. We are all fortunate enough to have everything we need, so that just leaves getting them unnecessary things. Is it too unimaginative to give gift cards? What if I put them in really cute gift card holders?

These days I have been making more chocobo plushies in preparation for Anime Central 2010. They can also be purchased online- just get in touch with me if you're interested.