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Shadow, Summertime

Had this day off and spent the morning finishing today's page. My apologies to anyone who checks the comic first thing in the morning. Yes, Shadow enters the comic today. I never had any opinion on him while playing Six. He was a good fighter, and always good for throwing shit, but his vagrant tendencies always made me pass him up, especially that second opportunity you get to commission him. His dreams were always neat to watch, though. I always got a chill from them. The while Shadow/Relm story never really caught my attention, though.

Finals let out a week or two ago, and campustown is empty once again. I don't get much occasion to go there anymore, but when I do, its good to not be battling the crowds.

Shortly after the end of the semester, as if on cue, the weather turned all hot and muggy. Today it was in the 90s, and I finally broke out my fan. There are now three of them running in my apartment. Did I mention that I have no A/C? I just hope we don't get any major heat waves. Last year wasn't so bad; there were only a couple days of oppressive heat.
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